About The Brilliant Closet

"I want to wear whatever looks good on me, no matter where it comes from"

The Brilliant Closet is owned and operated by Sakovia Finklea. The mother of three beautiful daughters, Human Resource Major, Fashion & Thrift Stylist. Her passion for Thrifting started at a very young age when her grandmother thrifted clothes, shoes, household items and furniture. She developed a love for the eclectic, unpredictable and adventurous world of thrifting. Over the years, she built a wardrobe full of thrifted finds. What really jazzed her was the ability to create a look that reflected current trends, but wasn’t a cookie-cutter replication of the mannequins at the mall. And what jazzed her even more was the ability to create this unique look for so much less! 

When people took notice of Sakovia's personal style or complimented her on something she wore, she reveled in the opportunity to say, “Thanks, I got it at the thrift store!” The familiar response she got to that declaration is what inspired her to create The Brilliant Closet. The response was always the same, “I wish I could find things like that at the thrift store; I just don’t have the eye for it,” or “I get so overwhelmed at the thrift store; I just don’t have the patience to sift through all those racks.”

Sakovia created The Brilliant Closet for that very reason. She wanted to create a service that bridged the thrifting gap, allowing those who have felt overwhelmed, intimidated or uninspired by the thrift experience, another way to engage. She wanted to give those women a reason to give secondhand a second chance.

What We Do & Who We Are

The Brilliant Closet is a Thrifting service based out of Birmingham, AL that buys and sells new, pre-loved, trendy and vintage fashion pieces. Our pieces are hard to find, rare, unique and bold. 

And lastly, shopping secondhand allows you to infuse your look with greater creativity, originality and personal expression.